Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lady in the Room - William Gant - FREE through October!

There was something that Darrell Donka noticed about the woman across the room.  Yes, it was true that he had seen her before - not fifteen minutes before at the supermarket in their neighborhood as he fretted over desserts to bring to that party he didn't really want to be at.  But, there was something about this brood brunette he couldn't exactly put his finger on.

He noticed him staring at her and her smile was electrifying!  He felt compelled to talk to her, and so he did - initiating a series of events that would change what he knew about his life and his reality forever.

Enter into the mind of William Gant in this short debut novella, garnished with a twist of irreverence, a dash of campy noir, and a crescendo of the paranormal.


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